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Pakistani Girl Loves Manga: 3 Favourite Shoujo Mangas

3. Vampire Knight
There are lots of things to love about this manga: the elegant drawing, the alluring mystery and the beautiful love story. (Oh, I think I just rhymed there.)
Anyway, the mystery and romance are the main things that make Vampire Knight one of my all time favorites.
And the good drawing is a bonus; I always appreciate artistic mangakas who are able to put their imagination into paper in a very attractive way.

This manga came out when the hype of vampires was really strong, and I discovered it because at the time I was obsessed with anything related to vampires. I remember reading its first 2 or 3 pages and being instantly hooked. The mystery starts from the very first scene. We don't know why Yuki is alone in the snow and why she's saved by a vampire who somehow has a gentle spot for her. And then - bam! We're now in the future and we learn about this school where both vampires and humans attend classes. I know it seems kinda old and boring, but back then I was very intrigued about where the story was going. I like how the mangaka kept me guessing throughout the chapters and most of the time I was conflicted because I didn't know if I liked Zero or Kaname more. I then opted for Kaname because even though I sympathize with what Zero has gone through, I felt that he played the victim a lot. There were so many things he could have done differently and lots of choices he could have made but didn't. He only regretted not taking all those chances later on. On the other hand, Kaname is a very mysterious type, I almost knew nothing about him for the most part of the story. He's always caring towards Yuki and we never know what he's thinking. He has an evil and dark side to him, but he seems to be always sad. I desperately wanted to know more about his past and why he was so attached to Yuki. And for once I wanted to see him happy. Like really, really happy. *SPOILERS AHEAD* I'm not a huge fan of the ending though. It isn't the typical happy ending. It's sad till the very end. Nevertheless, I found Kaname's everlasting love for Yuki very romantic, and I just love how Yuki has always been the highlight of his existence.

2. Dengeki Daisy

At first I thought that Dengeki Daisy was a very weird shoujo manga, but I decided to stick to it and see how the story goes. And I'm so glad I did because Dengeki Daisy is the most goofy, funny and ridiculous manga I've ever read! The characters and their relationships are immensely entertaining and fun to read. This manga can be incredibly stupid and hilarious and it just makes me grin like an idiot all the time. However it's not just stupid-funny, there is mystery as well which makes the story very engaging. From the very start I was intrigued about Daisy, Teru's pen pal. I kept wondering 'who could he be?' and 'why would he help Teru but hide his identity?'. And when Kurosaki suddenly showed up I instantly thought he's Daisy. He must be him, right? But then I learned that he's a janitor at Teru's school. Say what?! And from there the story gets complicated, secrets are revealed and new characters are introduced. Teru and Kurosaki's relationship grows and they develop this very unique, funny and cute bond. I feel like these two understand each other so, so well, they're like two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly. I can't express how much I'm obsessed with this couple. Teru and Kurosaki are truly my real relationship goals.

If you haven't read this manga yet, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do. I promise, you won't be disappointed. 

1. Special A
This is probably one of the funniest shoujo mangas out there, and it's an old favorite of mine. I've read Special A so many times that I remember most of its dialogues. 

Unlike Dengeki Daisy and Vampire Knight, SA has a very simplistic story. It's an amazing rom-com and it focuses a lot on the characters and their relationships. The characters are extremely bizarre and you can't help but laugh out loud at how idiotic they are. I really didn't want the story to end because I feel like I know these guys so well that I could be their friend. Also, the protagonist, Hikari, is so incredibly hilarious. She's a real tomboy and also a very stupid one. I mean, it's obvious that Kei has had a one-sided love towards her ever since they were kids, but she's been clueless the whole time! Talk about being dense. Kei on the other hand is simply perfect. I couldn't not fall in love with him. I think he's the ideal man for most women. He's kind, playful and loyal. And it's cute how he'll eat whatever Hikari cooks for him (even if it's disgusting), just because he loves her. 

I can talk on and on about the all weirdos that make SA a very comical and fun manga to read, but I think I won't be able to stop once I start. So I'll just say that so many funny unrealistic stuff happen in this manga, there's no annoying drama and there isn't any real villain. SA is a very lighthearted story and it just makes you feel good whenever you read it.

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