Monday, August 17

Summer Trip to Frankfurt

Oh, boy. That was a long, long drive. And the traffic didn't help at all!

From where we live, it's 8 hrs (and something) drive to get to Frankfurt, but we took longer because of the traffic and because our navigator went cray cray. We ended up asking people for directions.

We were on the road for quite a while and it was tiring, but not awful. Instead of sleeping, like I should have, I was distracted by the beautiful view outside. We left home pretty early in the morning and reached our destination blessed with a bright sun.

We made an itinerary of all the places we wanted to visit in Frankfurt, so once we got to the hotel we dropped our stuff and headed out to see the Chinese Garden. It was so pretty, and most people spent time there just to walk around peacefully.

After visiting the Chinese Garden, we just walked around the city. It was so clean and lovely, and the sunset was beautiful. We went back to the hotel feeling exhausted. The next morning we all took a refreshing shower, ate brioche in the car and then went to see the Main Tower.

When we were on the bridge it started raining, so we went to a cake shop to buy a gift  because we were having dinner at a family friend's house.

We left the hotel early in the morning. We grabbed some donuts on the road and the lady at the counter couldn't speak English. So, we had to communicate with hand gestures. It was so funny.

We ordered some pizzas for lunch when we arrived in Munich, and ate in the car. When we crossed the border to Austria, we were met by a cold wind, and the clouds were so pretty.


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