Sunday, April 17

DIY: Traditional Indian Pakistani / Colored Earrings Jewelry

In this video I'm sharing how you can customize your Indian, Pakistani, Traditional earrings/jewelry. This DIY is very simple and quick to do and it's a great idea when you can't find earrings that match your dress. 

1. You'll need a pair of colorless earrings.
2. You'll also need some nail polishes. You can use whatever color you want.
3. You can choose to either use the nail polish brush or a nail art brush to paint the earrings.
4. Paint nicely to cover all the desired areas.
5. Let this dry for a couple of minutes and you're done!
6. Also, you can remove the color by using a q-tip dipped in a nail polish remover. So you can bring the earrings to their initial state and paint whatever other color you desire.



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