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Even though I'm no hair expert, I've had to deal with so many hair issues and problems.  So, today I'll be sharing with you what I do to keep my hair as healthy as I can and what I've learned throughout the years through my own research and from my parents and family. I'll also be sharing some tips on how to maintain healthy hair.


Oil treatment for healthy hair and scalp is a huge thing in Asian families. I grew up with using mustard oil, my mom actually started using this regularly on my scalp and hair since I was a baby. And I think that's why most Asians have thick hair, our parents took care of our scalp and hair since we were children.

Mustard oil helps with hair growth and if you use it regularly it can prevent massive hair fall. It also helps to condition and hydrate the hair. Massaging the scalp with mustard oil is great to boost blood circulation which then leads to hair growth.

I massage the entire surface of  my scalp. I like beginning with the top front section of my head working my way to the sides and the back. This can get messy so make sure to wear an old shirt. You want to apply the right amount of pressure when massaging your hair, you don't want to be too gentle nor too rough. I massage for about 15 minutes and then I finish off with adding oil to the rest of my hair.

Then I gather all my hair into a bun and secure it in place and I cover my head with a plastic bag. You can obviously use a shower cap instead.

I like to keep this for 30 minutes, but you can keep this for even an entire day before washing your hair. I personally know someone who leaves this on her hair for the entire day, I know it's kind of gross, but this person has really well moisturized hair. So, if you have super dry hair what you can do is sleep in this and wash your hair the next morning.

I do the oil treatment once or twice a month, but you can even do it once a week or every other week.

When I wash my hair I use the shampoo twice to nicely remove the oil then I use a conditioner. Remember to never use hot, but warm water to cleanse and detangle the hair and then rinse with cold water.


So, after I washed my hair I squeeze my hair without twisting then I pat dry with a towel and I do this ever so gently. Make sure to never rub the hair dry with the towel because in doing so you're just going to suck all the moisture out of your hair which will make your hair dry. Also, don't use an electric fan to dry your hair; I used to do that before, but it only made my hair frizzy and super, super dry.

I use a brush with teeth that are wide apart from each other and I slowly untangle my hair, starting from the bottom then working my way up. If you have wavy hair you should use a comb instead of a brush. You want to be extra gentle with wet hair because wet strands can break off easily.

Once my hair is 80 % dry I add a few drops of argan oil to my hair and I distribute the product evenly with a comb. Then I like to use another hair brush and continue brushing my hair until it's completely dry.


I know this sounds so very obvious but I don't think most people know why brushing their hair regularly is a good thing. Brushing your hair has a lot of benefits: it strengthens the hair, it makes your hair smooth and easy to work with, it distribute the natural oil from your head to the rest of your hair, it increases the blood circulation in your scalp and it prevents hair loss.

You obviously need to brush your hair gently (untangle the strands first then brush) and don't over do it. I personally like brushing my hair in the morning before I braid or put it into a hairstyle and before going to bed.

Don't put your hair into a tight ponytail or bun up on your head all the time. Tight buns and ponytails pull every single hair around your hairline and that can lead to a receding hair line. I personally love high ponytails, however I stopped doing this hairstyle on a daily basis.


Proper nutrition is key for healthy looking hair. So, here are a list of foods you should eat to get good healthy hair:
Salmon is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are a necessary part of the human diet and they help to promote hair growth, as well as add shine to your hair.

Spinach is something you should definitely incorporate into your diet as it has so many nutrients like vitamin B, C and E as well as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and Omega 3. All of these will help you grow good healthy hair.

Lentils are a great source of protein which helps with the strengthening of the strands of hair and promote hair growth.

  • EGGS
People even put raw eggs on their head as a hair mask. Eggs are very beneficial for your scalp and they improve your hair condition.

I recently started eating walnuts as a healthy snack because I read that it strengthens the hair and reduces hair loss. If you have hair strands that break off easily you should try eating walnuts. I like to eat them with yogurt garnished with banana, raisins and chia seeds.

Carrots are not only good for your eyes, they're good for your hair as well. Carrots contain vitamin A which adds shine and maintain the natural oils in your hair. And since I like crunchy uncooked vegetables I like eating my carrots raw.


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