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What Is BTS Reading? - Second Half of 2019

Since my previous BTS Reading Books post has been getting lots of views, I decided to share a part 2. These are books that BTS have been reading during 2019. I hope you find something you like and pick up a book.

A Portrait of Youthful Days by Yi Mun-yol

Namjoon was seen reading this book on Love Yourself Seoul DVD where he shares that he got back to reading his book because he saw Jin reading.

See reference video:

Yi Mun-yol is an internationally-acclaimed author who "epitomizes the searching and fervor of youth who reject the injustice of the world as the peak moment of one’s life."

The Red Book by Carl Jung
Jin is seen reading a red book during the Love Yourself Highlight Reel episodes which could be a reference to Jung's #RedBook

There is a whole thread on twitter made by an army with theories about how this book might be connected to BTS Save Me Webtoon and LYS Highlight Reel.

Nature by Ralph Waldo Emmerson
You can see Namjoon reading this during a Bangtan Bomb. Apparently it's an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson called “Nature.” This is available for free download.

A Bigger Message Conversations with David Hockney 
Another book Namjoon was reading during a Bangtan Bomb. Here's a free link to download the pdf.

Cr: BTSBookclub_twt
Miracles of The Namiya General Store by Keigo Higashino
Apparently Jin Mentioned this book during Muster 2019. The English version was just released this September and an army found a copy at Barnes and Noble.


5 Best Asian Clothing Websites in the UK - Readymade Pakistani Indian Suits

Cr: picture from Diyaonline & Fabehaonline

Asian fashion clothing are easily available in the UK and there are a few Indian and Pakistani stores who offer online shopping. I have made a list of the best Asian Clothing Websites in the UK. If readymade clothes and affordable prices are your thing, then you should definitely have a look at these websites.

5 Best Asian Clothing Websites in the UK

Diya Online was founded in 2005 and offer ready-to-wear Asian fashion collection. I recently our purchased a few readymade suits from this store and I have to say I had a positive and pleasant experience. The website is so easy to navigate and it's mobile friendly.

They offer different sizes from XXXS to M. You can easily sort clothing to browse size of your choice. They also offer a size guide to help you choose the right size.

Clothing Styles
Diya Online offers various readymade clothing styles such as Lehengas, Suits, Sarees and Kaftans. You can also shop bags and accessories to match your outfits.

Prices & Shipping cost
Diya Online offers pretty affordable prices. You can get a 3 piece suit starting at just £15.99.

As for delivery costs the store offers various options to customers from the UK.
£4.95 Standard Delivery (2-3 business days)
£5.95 Next Day Delivery
There is also a Free International Delivery option for orders above £100

Diya offers various clothing material choices such as Brocade, Chiffon, Cotton etc.

My Customer Experience
As I've mentioned I have recently shopped a few dresses from Diyaonline (for myself and for my mom), though I haven't had an occasion to wear them yet. The website works smoothly on my phone. However, at checkout I had issues with paying via PayPal, so I decided to call their customer service and placed an order over the phone. The call was quick and effective, and I was able to place an order in no time. Unfortunately, later on I recived an email from Diyaonline saying that one of the dresses I ordered ran out of stock, but they offered either an exchange or a partial refund. I chose the latter. Great customer experience and would highly recommend.

Fabeha Online is another website that offers various modern styles of Asian clothing. Although their collection are not as big as Diya Online's, they do have some elegant and beautiful clothing designs. I have bought a few dresses from their website a few years ago.

The sizes starts from XS to XXL and the website offer a Size Chart with measurements. 

Clothing Styles
You can find a selection of ready-to-wear Salwar Kameez, Frocks, Suits etc. You can also find various modern jewellery collection with affordable prices.

Prices & Shipping Costs
Prices can go down to £12.99 when on sale. You can often find reduced prices on last items.

Fabehaonline offers Free UK Mainland Delivery on all orders over £100.

Fabehaonline uses different types of fabrics for their dresses such as Lawn, Georgette, Chiffon, Satin etc.

My Customer Experience 
I have a bad and good experiences to share with you. Two years ago I bought 4 dresses from fabehaonline and when I received my order it came in an apple store bag. The dresses were squished so badly to fit in the bag and there was a suit missing from my order, so I called Fabehaonline's customer service to ask for a resolution. However, they said they couldn't help me and didn't believe me when I said there was suit missing from my order. So I opened a case on PayPal instead and asked for a partial refund (for the amount of the missing suit). Fabeha's Customer service then replied to me saying that they could only issue a refund after I close the PayPal case (which is not true as they could have easily refunded me in an instant). PayPal then had to intervene and gave me my refund as the seller was being unreasonable and untruthful.

However, my sister recently purchased from Fabehaonline and nothing had gone wrong with her order. I believe  they probably improved their service from 2 years ago, so I would still recommend shopping with them.

Asian Suits Online offer ready-to-wear Asian clothing mostly Kurtas and Salwar Kameez.

Asiansuitsonline offers sizes from S to XL. However, it doesn't offer a size chart but since most of the suits are kurtas, it's not hard for you to choose your size.

Clothing Styles
Mostly sell kurtas and salwar kameez. There are also a variety of affordable unstitched suits.

Prices & Shipping Costs
Prices start from £19.99 and UK delivery is £5.99 (up to 5 working days).

Most of the clothing material are Linen, Chiffon and Lawn.

My Customer Experience 
I haven't bought anything from them yet. The site is easy to navigate and is mobile friendly. However, they could certainly improve on their pictures.

Janan has a huge collection of luxury Asian fashion for men, women and kids. This is a great website if you are willing to spend more for better quality and in-trend clothing.

Stitched clothing sizes starts from S to XL. The site also provides a Size Guide for customers to choose the right measurements.

Clothing Styles
Janan offers Kurtis, Trousers, Salwar Kameez, Garara etc.

Prices & Shipping Costs
Two piece clothing (shirt & dupatta) starts from just £26.99 while trousers starts at £14.99.

Free UK Delivery is available on orders over £60 to the UK mainland only

Most of the clothing material are Chiffon, Silk etc.

My Customer Experience

Memsaab Boutique is one of the UK's largest independent Asian fashion retailer since 1997. They provide quality goods at an affordable price.

Readymade clothing sizes starts from S to XL. You can also have a look at their size chart with measurements to choose the right size.

Clothing Styles
On Memsaab Online's Ready To Wear section you can choose Casual dress, Fancy Party wear clothes, shawls/dupattas, kurtis, trousers, skirts and pants.

Prices & Shipping Costs
Casual Wear starts from £14.99 (when on sale) while Fancy Party Wear can start from £35.

The website offer Free UK delivery on oders over £100.

You can find various clothing material such as chiffon, net and woolen etc.

My Customer Experience


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DIY Engagement Ring Platter/Tray - Wedding Trend 2019

Indian wedding trays/platters can be a little bit pricy. And when you have a long wedding shopping list, it's best to save where you can. Creating your own desi wedding tray is not that hard, you just need a few hours and inspiration. Today I'm going to share with you how to DIY this rose lights engagement ring platter which my aunt made.


  • Plain small wedding tray or basket
  • Fake roses
  • Some beads, pearls and fake petals
  • Some tape
  • Mini string LED lights
  • Ring box
First of all you'll need a small platter or basket used for weddings. You can buy this at your local desi home supplies store. You can also buy similar ones from ebay.

Next you need some fake roses. You can buy a pack for a really cheap price so you can use it for other DIY projects. I found these from Amazon.

You will also need some beads, pearls and fake rose petals to decorate the platter and add some shine and sparkle.

You'll need a mini LED lights string. This is optional but I find that this adds a nice bling and dimension to the wedding tray/platter.

So, first of all you need to stick the LED lights around the edge of your tray with some tape. Then insert your fake rose flowers onto the lights just like in the picture. Your tray should be wrapped fully with the string light and fake roses. Add beads, pearls and fake petals or ribbons to cover the surface of the plate and your done!

You can also decorate the lights battery holder with some silver beads for more sparkle. 

Here's how the ring platter looks with the lights turned off.

And here it is with the lights on. The LED string lights up the roses and add dimension to your tray. It makes it look trendy and not something you DIYed.

Last but not least, place the ring box in the middle of the plate and you're ready to go.


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What Is BTS Reading? BTS Reading List 2019

One of my 2019 Resolutions is to start reading again. And since I'm a huge fan of BTS and have no clue what to read, I decided to begin with the books that the members have been reading.

I can't seem to find an up-to-date BTS book recommendation list online, so I decided to make one myself. After lots of googling and twitter research, here's my BTS Reading List 2019: a list of books that the members have read recently (2018 - 2019).

BTS RM - Namjoon’s Books

- Denken wie Einstein by Theresa Bäuerlein and Shai Tubali
ARMYs spotted this book (along with a few more) in RM's studio during his Rkive work studio tour. The title means "Think like Einstein" and according to goodreads there are only 2 editions of this book: a German and a Chinese one. So, I won't even try reading this one as I don't speak either of these languages.
- Highly Sensitive People in an Insensitive World by Ilse Sand
This book helps highly sensitive people to overcome common difficulties like low self esteem and the exhausting effect of socialising.

Another one in RM's bookshelf, I actually purchased a paperback copy of this one and am planning on reading it very soon.

- The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera
This story is about a young woman in love with a man torn between his love for her and his incorrigible womanizing and one of his mistresses and her humbly faithful lover. This magnificent novel juxtaposes geographically distant places, brilliant and playful reflections, and a variety of styles, to take its place as perhaps the major achievement of one of the world’s truly great writers.(source)
There is also a 1988 American film adaptation of this novel with the same title.

- Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami
The plot circles around a quiet, young college student in Tokyo (Toru) who is devoted to a beautiful and introspective young woman (Naoko). Their mutual passion is marked by the tragic death of their best friend years before. 

I know that RM is a huge fan of Haruki Murakami's work; I personally haven't opened any of her books yet, I guess I'll start with this one.

- The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm,
Most people are unable to love on the only level that truly matters: love that is compounded of maturity, self-knowledge, and courage. As with every art, love demands practice and concentration, as well as genuine insight and understanding. (source

This is RM's book recommendation from the BTS Official Fanclub 5th ARMY Kit.

- 죽고 싶지만 떡볶이는 먹고 싶어 (I want to die but i want to eat tteokbokki)
This book was spotted on RM's bed and it's a story of a person who wants to be loved and loved comfortably without a doubt. (source) Unfortunately, there is only a Korean version of this one.

BTS JIN - Seokjin's Books

- I'm glad you lived like BonoBono by Kim Shin Hoi
I think this one's a comic book. Here's a short synopsis: There are similarities among the people that like Bonobono. They are people who live every day quietly without big dreams, people who prefer comfort to thrills, people who don’t live the life they dreamed of when they were young but do not despair about it, people who know how to give up knowing there are things that can’t get done no matter what, people who know how to listen to other people’s tears and sighs as much as their own, and people who sometimes look lazy without any drive… People who like Bonobono are not especially energetic or bright, but they live on. (source)

I'm so sad I can't read Korean, this sounds like a bittersweet story, but something uplifting to read. There is a quote from this book that I find so touching: “It’s okay to go the wrong way. You might discover something else.”

BTS SUGA - Yoongi's Books

- The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
I'm pretty sure we all have heard of the story about the shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. It's a pretty popular book, my sister enjoyed reading this one.

Suga recommended The Alchemist on the BTS Official Fanclub 5th ARMY Kit.

BTS JHOPE - Hoseok's Books

- Living, Loving & Learning by Leo F. Buscaglia
This one's a self-help/inspirational type of book. Apparently Jhope mentioned this in one of his solo Vlives and I've already added it to my to-read list. This seems like a book that gives you lots of insight about yourself and I'm quite exciting to delve into this one.

BTS JIMIN - Jimin's Books

- 냉정과 열정사이 Rosso (Between Calm and Passion - Rosso)
Jimin recommended this novel on the BTS Official Fanclub 5th ARMY Kit (Source). Unfortunately, there is no English edition of this book but thankfully someone wrote a blog post, so I can learn what it is about.

The plot of Between Calm and Passion circles two individuals, Aoi and Junsei, who made a promise to each other when they were 20 years old that on Aoi’s 30th birthday, they would meet again at the Duomo, located in Florence, Italy. (source - check out the full blog post it's really interesting)

Apparently there is a movie adaptation for us who can't read Korean. It's a 2001 Japanese film called "Calmi Cuori Appassionati"

BTS V - Taehyung's Books
- 말의 내공
V was seen at the airport holding this book. Again, there's only a Korean edition. The book is about how to talk to people in a way you can attract them, talk fluently, deeply, and thoughtfully. (source)

BTS JUNGKOOK - Jungkook's Books

- The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
This is JK's book recommendation for the BTS Official Fanclub 5th ARMY Kit. Some fans think that Serendipity MV was inspired by this book, so maybe that's why Jungkook recommended it. 

PLOT: The narrator introduces himself as a man who learned when he was a child that adults lack imagination and understanding. He is now a pilot who has crash-landed in a desert. He encounters a small boy who asks him for a drawing of a sheep, and the narrator obliges.

I Decided to Live As Me by Kim Soo Hyun

Jungkook was also seen reading this book, but unfortunately there's no English version. A wonderful fan translated the message behind the book for those who can't understand Korean.
- Save Me a Line Webtoon
I'm pretty sure that BTS members are reading this because we all know they're ARMYs just like us and they regularly keep up with whatever content BigHit puts out there. I haven't really read any webtoons before this one, but I must say the story is intriguing. I'm glad that all those BTS MV theory videos I'v watched are now being sewn together into a webtoon.



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Muslim Marriage Events Manchester Review

Photo: Royal Nawaab Resturant
And We have created you in pairs
[78:8] Sûrah Al-Naba'

It's official: You're ready to get married! However, the only thing stopping you is that you don't seem to know where to find Mr/Mrs Right. And it feels even more challenging when you want to get into marriage the most halal way possible.

This is actually what lead me to rely on my good old friend Google for help. A quick search about 'Single Muslim' took me to event suggestions in Manchester and I found Muslim Marriage Events Manchester - British Muslim Professionals which sounded promising. I decided to give it a try since my mom and younger sister were being very supportive.

How it works.
You book & pay in advance (£39.99 x person) and it's non-refundable. You receive the ticket with QR code via email which you need to show at the venue.

You are given a few sheets to fill in (profile details, contact details and attendance sheet). A card where you write your name and table number so that others can recognise you. They also give you a list of possible questions you may want to ask the other person. One of the organisers will then give a brief introduction about the event and the procedures. 

TIME TABLE (this may not be 100% correct as I'm just writing what I remember) 
12.00 Introduction 
12.30 - 14.00 Table Rotation 
14.00 - 15.00 Lunch 
15.00 - 16.30 One to One 

The event was held at Royal Nawaab Restaurant and there were about 60-70ish candidates. Men and women were given separate tables, and mahrams were seated at the back of the hall.

Table Rotation
During the table rotation the women were divided into groups of three, so they sat and stayed at the same table, while men had to rotate through the tables and move to the next one every 6-ish minutes or so.

The ratio for women and men was 3:2. There were more women than men who attended the event, which is not that surprising I guess, as apparently there are more females than males in the UK (according to Wikipedia).

During the table rotation you need to write down the names of the candidates you're interested in.

Staff & Organisers
There were enough staff to assist you during the event. They were nice, friendly and tried their best to make you feel at ease. The event itself was very well organised. I think the fact that the candidates showed up on time (except for a couple of tardy people) helped a lot. Everything went smoothly without any accidents. This event was organised by Muslim Marriage Events and the events are held in different cities around the UK.

One To One
So after you've talked to everyone from the opposite sex, you have lunch and then you get to have a personal talk with whom you're interested with (only if he/she accepts to talk to you).

Final Thoughts
This is my first time participating an event like this and I didn't really know what to expect. I think this isn't the best way to find the right person (not for me at least). I feel like most of the candidates were trying to be as sincere and honest as possible, but I didn't meet anyone compatible (because of age difference & interests).

There wasn't much diversity culture wise, as most of the people were from Pakistani ethnicity. During the table rotation the conversations can get quite superficial and repetitive.

Overall, I would recommend this event to those who are around their 30s (most of the participants were around that age range) and if you're a working professional this could definitely work for you too. If you want to go to an event like this make sure to get dolled up as most of the time people choose by the way you look. Remember, first impressions matter!

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7 Indian Party Hairstyles To Try This 2019

Tired of the same, everyday hairstyle? Here are 20 best Indian hairstyles you can try right now! These hair looks are for those who want to try something stylish, yet easy and simple to recreate. I've listed 7 hair ideas that are great for those with medium or long length hair. So if you want to know how to rock different hairstyles, keep scrolling!

7. Twisted Side Details
There are times when you're just running late and need a quick hairstyle. This hairdo by Parineeti Chopra shows us how simple side twists can make a difference to your look and add detail to your style. You can rock this hairstyle both with straight or curled hair.

What You'll Need:
  • A few bobby pins
  • A comb
  • A hair curler or straightener
How To Style:
I have a quick video tutorial that shows you step by step on how to achieve this look.

6. Braided Head band 

This headband look is a great hairstyle to keep your hair away from your face but shows off your beautiful long locks. You can style this for parties by teasing your hair a bit for volume or you could wear this on a normal day whenever you want to look extra special.

What You'll Need:
  • A few bobby pins
  • A comb
  • Tiny hair elastics
  • A hairspray
How To Style:
This is a simple hairstyle that you can rock with either straight or curled hair. Watch my short video to learn how to recreate this look.

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5. Heatless Messy Low Updo
Love a messy updo? Here's a romantic one that will make you look elegant and super stylish. This low updo is perfect to wear for dinner/night outs or for when the weather is just so warm!

What You'll Need:
  • A few bobby pins
  • A hair elastic
  • A comb
How To Style:
You won't need any braiding for this one, so it's super quick and only requires a few knots to make the messy bun. Watch this Instagram video to see how I created this look.

4. Mehndi Wedding Faux Braid
There's nothing better than a big braid for wedding occasions. This hairstyle is a 3-strand pull through braid that's so easy to do, and it does not require any heat or teasing! This braid will look super big and gorgeous if you have really long hair. I wrapped yellow yarn around the braid for a playful festive detail.
What You'll Need:
  • A hair bump sponge
  • A few tiny hair elastics
  • Some colorful yarn
  • A comb
  • A hair clip to section the hair away
How To Style:
This traditional hairstyle is great for special wedding occasions, you can choose any yarn colour, so it matches your dress. Check out my video to learn how to recreate this look. 

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3. Braided High Ponytail
Does this hairstyle remind you of something? That's right, it's a recreation of Aishwarya Rai's hair look that she wore for her popular song Crazy Kiya Re. When the song came out everyone was obsessed with it, and I fell in love with her style. Hence the reason why this hairstyle made it to this list.

What You'll Need:
  • A few hair elastics
  • A comb
  • A pony hair extension (for extra volume or if you have medium length hair)
How To Style:
You shouldn't have any problem recreating this look if you've masted how to create a dutch braid. Watch my short video to learn how to get this look.

2. Side gold bobby pin details

If you have golden bobby pins laying around somewhere and never knew what to do with them, this is the right time to take them out and make a creative hair look!

What You'll Need:
  • A handful of golden bobby pins
  • A comb
How To Style:
This is pretty simple to do. Just make a side parting and start crossing the bobby pins. Check out my video tutorial to learn how to create this Sonam Kapoor inspired hairstyle!

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1. Statement braided ponytail

I know this is not an Indian look, but you will be surprised to see how you can recreate this hairstyle but make it more desi. I actually wore this look when I attended my cousin's dholki. This hairstyle may look funky and edgy, but trust me when I say that you can make it a festive fun hairstyle by using colorful yarn instead of black.

What You'll Need:
  • A bobby pins
  • A comb/brush
  • Some colourful yarn
  • Hair elastics
  • A ponytail hair extension (for volume or if you have medium length hair)
How To Style:
Just follow the steps as shown in my short video and you can achieve this look! 

Happy Monday everyone 🐙 I don't know about you guys, but I always like to try new hairstyles for special occasions. Here's the hairstyle I did for my cousin's Dholki💃We had so much fun and it's been a while since I wore desi clothes (do you want to see more hair videos with traditional clothing? let me know🤔) . Fun fact 🙄 I was running late that day, but I'm thankful that I still had the chance to film this! #justhairstyles #happymonday . Music🎵: Bboom Bboom (piano version) by Momoland . . . . . . . . @hair.videos @hairs @luxyhair @hudabeauty @hairmakeupdiary #hairblogger #hairvideos #hairmakeupdiary #stylevideo #hudabeauty #hairstyles #hair #hairdo #updo #indianhairstyles #asianhair #imakevideos #luxyhair #hair_videos #fashionarttut #FFJOVI #indianhair #indianblogger #pakistaniblogger #pakistanistreetstyle #styeonset #lotd #desiblogger #ukblogger #hairdo #hairextensions #hairideas #hair #hairstyles #desihairstyles #desilook #lookbook #traditional
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