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DIY Engagement Ring Platter/Tray - Wedding Trend 2019

Indian wedding trays/platters can be a little bit pricy. And when you have a long wedding shopping list, it's best to save where you can. Creating your own desi wedding tray is not that hard, you just need a few hours and inspiration. Today I'm going to share with you how to DIY this rose lights engagement ring platter which my aunt made.


  • Plain small wedding tray or basket
  • Fake roses
  • Some beads, pearls and fake petals
  • Some tape
  • Mini string LED lights
  • Ring box
First of all you'll need a small platter or basket used for weddings. You can buy this at your local desi home supplies store. You can also buy similar ones from ebay.

Next you need some fake roses. You can buy a pack for a really cheap price so you can use it for other DIY projects. I found these from Amazon.

You will also need some beads, pearls and fake rose petals to decorate the platter and add some shine and sparkle.

You'll need a mini LED lights string. This is optional but I find that this adds a nice bling and dimension to the wedding tray/platter.

So, first of all you need to stick the LED lights around the edge of your tray with some tape. Then insert your fake rose flowers onto the lights just like in the picture. Your tray should be wrapped fully with the string light and fake roses. Add beads, pearls and fake petals or ribbons to cover the surface of the plate and your done!

You can also decorate the lights battery holder with some silver beads for more sparkle. 

Here's how the ring platter looks with the lights turned off.

And here it is with the lights on. The LED string lights up the roses and add dimension to your tray. It makes it look trendy and not something you DIYed.

Last but not least, place the ring box in the middle of the plate and you're ready to go.


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