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How To Make a Nikah Dress Planner Scrapbook

Preparing for a wedding is always stressful, but it's extra hectic when you have to travel all the way to Pakistan for the big day! I recently got married in Pakistan and I'm going to share how I planned my wedding dress, jewelry and makeup. So basically the entire look and all the process behind it.

So when we announced the wedding date, I started looking up nikah outfit ideas on pinterest. I was thinking to go for a cream, golden, nude kind of dress. They look really elegant and classy on pictures and I just love this kind of look. So, I went on and saved all the pictures on my pinterest board. Then I decided to print out some of the images that I really liked and decided to make a wedding dress planner/scrapbook. 

I honestly think that buying a wedding dress is so stressful (at least it was for me) because you want everything to be perfect. It's best to have an idea of what you like before going in-stores and buying your dress, so that you won't make the wrong choices. I went to Alankar House Of Sarees in Manchester to buy my dress and seriously I have no regrets. The staff are really kind and they also fit the dress for you by charging you about £20. I had to wait for about a month to get my dress fitted, but I was in no rush. However, they do ask for your wedding date so that they can get the dress ready accordingly.

For accessories, let's start with the purse. There is this really unique purse that caught my eye. Apparently it's called a potli bag and they have this on Diya Online's magazine. However, on their website they only have the one in bronze and not the gold one, but fortunately we found the purse at Zara Exclusive.

I'm also thinking to get a net dupatta to put on for when I sign the nikhanama and maybe a reddish shawl; some of the brides online wear this gorgeous red shawl on their shoulder and I think it's gonna create a nice contrast with my dress. 

For jewelry I wanted something bold and traditional. I actually found some that I like at Amaans House of Fashion, but they were kind of pricey. These are like £150 for each set. I thought it was a bit too much for something that I would wear for just a few hours. So I decided to just buy my jewelry in Pakistan instead. It's good that I already knew the type I want or else I would have felt so overwhelmed because there is so much variety that you'll end up being confused what to buy.

For makeup I already knew what lip colour I wanted, I believe that it's always best to stick with what you know works for you and I knew what suits me and what doesn't. This is my dream makeup look that I wanted for my wedding, so gold on the eyelids and burgundy lips. I also wouldn't mind a soft light brown for my eyes. The makeup salon I went to is called Jugnu's Salon in Rawalpindi. I just showed them a picture of the makeup I wanted and they did it exactly like that. The makeup was probably the least stressful part of this entire process as I just sat there and relaxed while they made me look pretty.

To see the final look watch the video down below! I really love how this look turned out. After all the planning and stress behind the preparation, I'm glad and very happy about the results. When I remember my wedding, it still feels all like a dream to me. Like wow, I'm really married now. I truly enjoyed myself during my wedding day and I think the fact that I loved the way I looked played a huge factor. I pray for the best for all the future brides out there and hope that you find the right wedding dress! 


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